Tools Don’t Close Sales, They Create Meaningful Conversations


Few industries welcome their sales force with the kind of tools training that direct selling companies do. The majority of these new people are new to entrepreneurship, and are blank slates when they sign their distributor application. They are looking to you for guidance on how they can attain the goals they have set.

In this month’s cover story we talk to a few executives about how they are using a mix of digital and physical tools that enable their new sales force to get a few wins right from the start. “I’ve learned that a lack of shareable and relevant content can force an entrepreneur to spend their precious time creating their own tools. We want our tribe to focus their energy into income-producing activities, not graphic design.” says Melissa Thompson, founder and chief executive officer of Dublin, California-based BELLAME, a luxury beauty company.

This month we also take a fresh look at field councils. We asked several industry executives about the value and effectiveness of the field council, and we have their responses, from how they create buy-in from the field and a feeling of ownership to how they can be distractions and morph leaders into bureaucrats, distracting them from building their businesses.

We are proud to bring you two great company spotlights this month as well. Frisco, Texas-based IDLife’s focus on the individual extends far beyond personalized nutrition. It applies to the company’s focus on impeccable customer service, a thriving internal culture and strong partnership with the sales team in the field.

Next up is Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based Valentus headed up by CEO Dave Jordan. When he couldn’t find what he was looking for in direct sales, he started his own company, applying the lessons he’d learned in sports and small business to create a $50 million success story.

The debate for independent contractor status is heating up, evidenced by Governor Newsome of California signing Assembly Bill 5, which includes an exemption for direct sellers.

I chatted with Brian Bennett, VP, Government Affairs and Policy at the DSA to get further clarity if/how this action in California affects our channel going forward.

The holidays are soon approaching and we all have a lot to be thankful for. I’m grateful for my team here at DSN who help me each month in providing you content we hope is helpful and insightful for doing your jobs well. And I especially thank you—our readership—for it is you who are on the front lines every day working hard to provide the leadership necessary to improve your company as well as help your sales force achieve their goals.

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