Think & Market Like a Retailer


I think we can all agree that the most fundamental changes that are happening right now are centered on the consumer, as they are demanding a more seamless experience. They want to buy products where, when, and how they want. We need to remember that customers don’t think in terms of channel but in terms of product and availability.

Wayne Moorehead, Chief Marketing Officer of Young Living, is the guest author of our cover story this month. His message is clear: our channel needs to start both acting and marketing like a retailer in how we appeal to, communicate with, and provide value to today’s customer. He says too much of our marketing is focused on the business opportunity. When we try to speak to consumers, with opportunity and distributor-centric language, it adds complexity and friction to the buying process.

Next, writer Heather Martin dives into the topic of onboarding and retention. Since the pool of people with the potential to be top-earning, long-term distributors is shallow, it’s important to have onboarding and retention strategies and messages that give everyone the opportunity to be successful. You will be more likely to retain top performers while providing others the tools and support they need to reach whatever incremental goals they have.

Our company spotlight this month is Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Usborne Books & More, who is celebrating 30 years as a seller of educational children’s books. In an era where digital rules the day, Usborne has thrived, topping $118 million in revenue for 2018, which placed them at the number 80 spot on the 2019 DSN Global 100 list. “Ten years ago, people told me that we’d be out of business because everything will be digital and no one will be buying books,” says Randall White, CEO of Educational Development Corporation (EDC) and Founder of Usborne Books & More (UBAM).

This month we also look at how Utah-based Paparazzi is building a reputation as a brand that emphasizes classic jewelry for women of every generation at an accessible price of $5 per piece. Their low $5 price, mixed with their high commission rate of 45 percent is attracting consultants from diverse financial backgrounds. And finally, if your company hasn’t nominated itself for the 2020 Best Places to Work in Direct Selling, be sure to do so as nominations close Friday, October 25. For more information, please visit us at

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