The Wonder Kid of Social Media

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The definition of a wonder kid is a young person whose excellence in his or her discipline is appropriate to someone older and more experienced. In many ways, Zurvita is the wonder kid of social media. Even though we are a young company, we understand the monumental opportunity social media gives to every consultant in our industry. We have taken a strong stance in perfecting this part of our business, and in a short period of time, we are already reaping the benefits. Every direct sales CEO would love to build a platform that would give each consultant an opportunity to build a “warm market” list of 5,000 prospects—a platform to grow each relationship, so one day each of these prospects, when ready, would want to look at their company to either become a consultant or customer. Social media is that platform.

What website reigns supreme on the social media platform?

The platform is vast and confusing at times. Do you focus on one website or attempt to build a successful strategy on multiple sites, like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram? Our favorite website on this social media platform is Facebook. Facebook is the core of our strategy because it has 1.1 billion of the world’s population using its service. In the United States alone, 97 percent of all Internet users have a Facebook account. We believe you go where the most eyeballs are and once stable then build on the other websites. It is also the easiest place to build a long-lasting relationship with others.

What is Facebook, really? Basically, it’s just a cooler version of email. Think about it; email allows you to communicate one on one or with a group of people. You send information back and forth to each other in an attempt to motivate someone to do business with your company. Facebook does the same activity, but it uses different words. In email, if you want to pass a great piece of information onto your friends that was shared by someone else you click the forward button. In Facebook, you would click the share button. If you created a piece of information and want to share it with your friends, you write an email and click send. On Facebook, you click post. These are just two examples, and many more can be seen as you navigate around Facebook.

What are our results in 90 days on Facebook (Dec. 31, 2012 to March 31, 2013)?

  • We have grown from 6,000 to 121,737 unique people seeing our brand every week.
  • We have grown from 6–10 new people following our brand per day to 35–50 per day.
  • People are actually interacting with our brand! We went from a few percent to 33 percent engagement with our followers.
  • Our consultants are now sending out more samples, as well as signing up more customers and consultants than ever before.
  • Our customers are engaging at an all-time high with each other and our coaches, which creates higher retention.
  • As a company, we have grown from $2.1 million to almost $5 million in monthly sales.

What is the “how to” on best practices to achieve similar results?

A Facebook Business Page

First, you need a Facebook Business page. In our case, we have one page to support our customers and another to support our consultants. Listen to what your customers and consultants want to see on the pages; after all, it is their community. We analyzed seven months of data and conducted surveys. The results: On an average day, hundreds of people engage with our brand. They tell us what to post; we write it using “social media friendly” text and instant success. We don’t pretend to know it all. It is about community.

  • Key Takeaway: Create a page where prospects can get excited!

A Facebook Group

Second, you need to harness the power of Facebook Groups. They give you the opportunity to support your customers and consultants on an array of topics. We have thousands of people engaging on a weekly basis, which increases our customer and consultant retention and gives prospects an opportunity to experience the company before enrolling.

  • Key Takeaway: Create a group where customers and consultants can feel inspired!

A Facebook Roadmap

Third, you need a Facebook Roadmap for your consultants. They need to understand how to grow their “warm market” list to 5,000, how to interact with them on a daily basis and then tap into additional warm market relationships from the original 5,000. We do this by providing video, email, mobile and webinar training.

  • Key Takeaway: Create a roadmap that keeps your consultants focused on productive Facebook activities!

A Facebook Mobile and Technical Tool Strategy

Fourth, you need to supply mobile and technical tools so each consultant doesn’t have to become a Facebook professional in order to succeed. We built cutting-edge pieces of technology, so each consultant can focus on the most important piece—building the relationship. Your company is unique, so think about the lingo and visuals the leaders supply to motivate their personal prospects to enroll as a customer or consultant. Strategically, lay this out and develop it into an automated tool so all consultants have access to it.

  • Key Takeaway: Create automation, so your consultants don’t have to become Facebook professionals!

Facebook Ads and Facebook Insights

Fifth, don’t be afraid to use Facebook Ads and Facebook Insights. The ads allow you to further your brand’s reach to a select demographic. You should start off with a low daily budget of $5 and do A/B and Multi-Variant testing to ensure you will be maximizing your marketing dollars. As you gain the results you seek, you gradually increase your daily budget to $10, $15, and eventually to the amount you feel is an optimal budget for your company.

Once you perfect this exposure piece, you may decide to have your consultants join in on the activity. For example, you may be opening up a new city market. You can pinpoint your campaign to fuel local meetings and your leadership may decide to be part of the campaign. The insights allow you to make critical changes as you build out your strategy. Insights will also improve your customer service and decisions on introducing new products, enhancements in compensation and other factors in your company’s life cycle. Additionally, your insights will show you what countries, regions, states and cities are more interested in your opportunity. They also show you if males or females and age groups have importance to your success. The nice part of insights is they give you a wealth of information that is not easily accessible by any other means online.

  • Key Takeaway: Ads and insights will maximize your growth!

Facebook Integration at Every Level of your Organization

Sixth, integrate Facebook into every facet of your company. Facebook has become part of the fabric of Zurvita, not just a tool. Consider integrating your customer service software into Facebook Business pages, set up inspirational Facebook groups with your leadership and use it as an HR screening process. The possibilities are endless!

  • Key Takeaway: Facebook will grow every department within your company!

Will you have success on Facebook?

By successfully implementing the points in this article, you are well on your way to developing your own Facebook success story. Two final points to consider: Hire a social media professional who understands social media ROI in direct sales to spearhead your efforts and the careful interweaving of your company values. We believe in a company with strong but humble leadership and an environment where people can win at every level. We also implement these values at every level of our social media plan.

We wish you success and we’ll see you on Facebook!

Jim LupkinJim Lupkin is the Director of Social Media at Zurvita Inc. As a consultant and at a corporate level responsible for producing significant social media ROI, he has a passion for social media and direct sales.

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