The Driving Force – Isagenix Is Putting People First And Impacting Lives

It’s not just about the bottom line for Isagenix, although the company’s #27 ranking on the 2018 Global 100 and revenue which recently topped $6 billion in cumulative global sales prove that profitability is a priority.

Travis Ogden

Travis Ogden

Founded: 2002
Headquarters: Gilbert, AZ
Top Executive: Jim & Kathy Coover, Co-Founders, Travis Ogden, CEO
Annual Revenue: $958 Million

Instead, it is being placed on the Best Places to Work by Direct Selling News in 2018 and the Phoenix Business Journal in 2017 that let the heart of Isagenix shine through. As a people-driven, people-focused company, Isagenix has its eyes set on the future—not only the company’s viability and products but the people who will lead and shape the company for years to come.

“Certainly, the impact on people’s lives is ultimately what we care about,” says Isagenix Chief Executive Officer Travis Ogden. “We’re building a company that every decision we make is for the long-term because we want Isagenix to be around for generations.”

“What makes me proud to be a part of Isagenix: the culture of doing what’s right.”
Travis Ogden, Isagenix Chief Executive Officer

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That people-first philosophy was established at the company’s launch in 2002 and has remained intact ever since. Their vision statement, which is displayed on the walls of company headquarters in each market they are in around the world, declares the company’s intent to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain, and in the process, create the largest health and wellness company in the world.

Those three simple words, “in the process,” signal where the company’s priorities lie: impact people’s lives first and success will be a result—not the other way around. Their company motto distills their fervor even further: If it’s not right for the customer, it’s not right for the company.

The Isagenix Trifecta: Nutrition, Flavor and Results

Declarations are important, but words only have so much power. That’s why Isagenix has put its money where its mouth is, investing in extensive testing, clinical trials, collaborations with well-respected universities and laboratories, and employing more than 50 full-time scientists, in addition to the company’s Scientific Advisory Board made up of bright leaders in the medical field and supplemental and pharmaceutical industry.

“Our Associates and customers don’t work for me, they don’t work for the company, we work for them,” says Isagenix Chief Science Officer Dr. Robert Kay Ph.D. Dr. Bob, as he is known within the company holds a fastidious commitment to quality and safety.

Q&A with Jim and Kathy Coover

“We test, test, test, and then confirm the testing we did was real, ” says Dr. Bob. “Our testing never ends; our attention to quality absolutely never ends. The products we make have to be transforming something in someone’s lifestyle, and the raw materials have to be excellent.”

Dr. Bob’s past work with multinational and industry leading companies has also given him experience within the small niche of creating effective products that taste surprisingly great.

Calling on those lessons learned, his approach leans on organoleptic investigations—or how the products engage with the senses—and is the magic behind the intersection of nutrition and flavor that he says has helped propel the popularity of Isagenix products. “What we do is combine all of these great nutrients into food-friendly forms and dietary supplements that taste so doggone good you have to have another one,” Dr. Bob says.

Isagenix AMPED Products

Isagenix AMPED Products

Cross-Cultural Appeal

For a product to have longevity and success, two things are required: demand and results. The IsaBody Challenge—a 16-week journey that invites customers to submit before and after pictures of their weight transformations using Isagenix products, as well as an essay explaining why and how they achieved their results—delivers both while offering vivid, eye-catching transformations that build continued excitement around the product. Since the Challenge began in 2014, the company has received more than 347,000 entries.

“We have hundreds of people who have documented more than 100 pounds lost, and thousands of people who have used the products to lose weight, gain lean muscle mass and transform their physical body,” says Isagenix President of Global Sales and Marketing Travis Garza.

The Isagenix SWOT Analysis

The IsaBody Challenge has proven itself to be a powerful tool domestically, but the Isagenix mission and products are having global success as well, speaking across cultural boundaries.

“Around the world, people are still looking for ways to feel better,” Garza says. They have products and nutrition whether it’s losing weight, need more energy, or want better performance in the gym or in races, they have the solutions. “We consider ourselves a solution-based company that provides real products for real customers,” he adds.

Celebrating Isagenix’ 15th Anniversary

Culturally, each country has different needs—Australia, for instance, offers a young, performance-driven demographic, while the Malaysia consumer is typically drawn to solutions to improve health—but the products and vision don’t change. The Isagenix field leaders in each region focus on maintaining the Isagenix non-negotiable core values while adapting marketing approaches, communication, and products to provide solutions for a country’s unique demands.

Now present in 17 markets, including its launch in Spain in June of this year, Isagenix has learned how to work together with Associates in their international markets and is working on improving their communication efforts with customers and leaders in the field, so that Isagenix fits into the market’s existing culture, rather than sticking out as simply a U.S. company inserting itself on foreign soil.

“One of our company initiatives for the last two years has been to simplify and enhance the customer experience,” Garza says. “No matter what tool we produce, whether for U.S. or international markets, we always keep that in mind.”

Every Voice Is Heard

Maintaining a distinct company culture in an industry that is marked by fluctuations—people entering and exiting the business daily—means creating an atmosphere that transcends that inevitable ebb and flow. For Isagenix, that transcendental attribute is integrity.

Global Celebration 2017

“We have great products and an incredible business opportunity, but it really is the culture that is the glue that holds everything together,” says Isagenix Owner and Senior Vice President of Global Field Development and Culture Erik Coover.

In 2015, the Isagenix leadership team established the company’s 12 core values including focuses on gratitude, freedom, fun, and integrity, and designed a slogan and definition for each value, explaining what they meant to the Isagenix culture and mission.

“When you’re a small company, it’s pretty easy to maintain your culture,” Coover says. “But as you continue to grow and become bigger and bigger, it becomes harder to maintain the culture you have.” That’s why Isagenix went through this exercise of redefining their core values. They wanted their company culture around the world to match what people were seeing at an Isagenix event.

Even after the core values campaign ended, the company continued it’s What Drives Us quarterly employee meetings, which have become a highlight for corporate and regional employees alike. The meetings focus on communication, connection, recognition, and impact. In addition, within the past year the company formed an employee-led Culture Council spearheaded by Erik. Taking place monthly, this venue invites representatives from each department across the globe to cultivate ideas and suggestions from their teams for continuous employee engagement and innovation around the company’s culture.

“The overarching theme of these meetings is that every employee at Isagenix has a voice,” Coover says. “We want their ideas to be heard.”

Those ideas have resulted in big benefits for employees—like parental leave, an additional week of vacation, remote working benefits, and a casual dress policy—providing proof that the Isagenix leaders stand behind their core values, and are truly listening.

Isagenix headquarters in Gilbert, Arizona.

Isagenix headquarters in Gilbert, Arizona.

“We understand our responsibility, that so many people are counting on us, and we don’t take that responsibility cavalierly,” Coover says. “We haven’t created this success by accident; it’s been very strategic and done with a legacy vision in mind. Isagenix was built to be a home for life for people.”

The Isagenix of Tomorrow

Isagenix has nearly 1,000 employees globally and nearly 600,000 customers worldwide. The company’s fiscal track record, which achieved nearly $1 billion last year, and philanthropic heart, which contributed $6.4 million to charitable and disaster relief in 2017 alone, as well as its obsessive commitment to the efficacy, safety and flavor of its more than 100 health and wellness products offers proof that the next chapter is charted to follow a trajectory they have become accustomed to.

What comes to mind immediately as far as what makes Ogden proud to be a part of Isagenix’s culture of doing what’s right? “How we treat our customers and Associates, how we’re formulating products to make sure we have the highest quality ingredients, and how we’re dealing with regulators in international markets,” he says. “I love that we have a culture of doing the right things so we don’t get caught several years down the road in a challenging battle because we made sacrifices along the way. We don’t make sacrifices. We stick to our core value of integrity and always doing the right thing. That helps me sleep better at night.”

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