Seacret Direct Announces Eddie Head as Company President

Seacret Direct named Eddie Head as President and Chief Business Development Officer for the company worldwide.

Head brings career experience in the direct selling industry, including previous executive and c-suite roles, which will inform and influence his new task of helping the company continue to flourish globally. In his most recent role, Head helped grow a startup company into a $1 billion leader with a presence in more than 40 countries.

“Eddie adds another layer of talent to our HQ staff in order to bring us up to speed and take us into the next level,” says Izhak Ben Shabat, Founder and CEO of Seacret Direct. “With Eddie and the HQ team in place, Seacret Direct is positioned to serve a burgeoning global community of agents who share the Seacret lifestyle. As we step into the next decade, we plan to bring innovations, opportunities, and experiences to our community worldwide via Seacret, the Lifestyle Company.”