Rewarding the Right Behaviors


THROUGHOUT THE history of direct selling, companies have differed in their approach to how is the best way to reward their distributors, trying their best to incent the behaviors that will both reward distributors fairly, while keeping in line with profitability.

In this month’s cover story written by Courtney Roush, we talk with some of the titans in the industry who have helped many companies with their compensation plans, and they agree that companies need to examine how they are rewarding instead of how much. Next, writer Brittany Glenn dives into the key to protecting your company from legal harm: your arbitration clause. Stream CEO Mark “Bouncer” Schiro shares some valuable lessons they have learned about the U.S. court system that will be of interest. See page 58 for the full story.

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Writer Sarah Paulk shares how the business presentation has evolved over the years. Today, the opportunity pitch is often so sleek that potential clients don’t even realize it’s happening. Read the whole story starting on page 28.

I also had the privilege to interview speaker and author Kindra Hall, whose expertise is helping people use story to develop deeper connections. She also gives her take on our industry and what we do well and what we need to improve on. See our Q&A on page 34.

Our company spotlight this month is Ontario-based Steeped Tea, founded by Tonia and Hatem Jahshan, who are on a mission to share loose-leaf teas with the world. Today, their enterprise is known as Sipology by Steeped Tea and has become home to over 6,000 North American consultants and 52 corporate team members. See their story on page 50.


Amazing how time flies. This year we celebrate 10 years of providing the Global 100 list of the world’s largest revenue-generating direct selling companies. Our research team is winding down the effort to collect the data for the 2019 list, so be sure that your company has completed its nomination. You’ll find both the nomination and certification forms easily accessible from our home page. The deadline for submissions is March 22. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Finally, on behalf of everyone at DSN, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve this great channel. The impact you and your companies are having on so many lives is something to behold. Please drop me an email and let us know how we are doing and how we can better serve you.

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