Penny: The Intelligent Personal Assistant For Direct Sales

3 Things To Look For When Choosing A Direct Sales Software Tool

Direct selling companies are faced with a multitude of choices when choosing tools for their direct sales consultants. Productivity tools. Sales tools. CRM’s. Tools developed in-house by the IT department. The choices are endless and oftentimes result in consultants utilizing one, many, or no tools at all. The entrepreneurial nature of direct sales ultimately means consultants perform multiple roles typically supported by multiple tools. On top of that, many direct sales consultants begin in a part-time role or have a second job, and don’t have the time, technical knowledge or energy to be plugged into multiple tools that serve only fragmented purposes.

If your direct selling company is debating what makes an effective direct sales software tool, here are three factors you might want to consider when looking at the options on the market.


Leads are the lifeblood of new business. Qualified and quality leads ensure new and ongoing business for consultants. Closing more business leads to faster rank advancements and more revenue for consultants and corporate. Faster rank advancements for existing consultants motivates and energizes newer consultants who have visible reference points and success paths to follow among their peers.

It’s well known that the best converting channel is personal referrals (word of mouth); but knowing where to start is the key component. Asking a new consultant to look for leads within their social channels quickly results in them getting lost in the “scroll hole” and valuable time is wasted. To solve this problem, Penny seamlessly plugs into the consultant’s social channels so that leads can be generated from the consultant’s own social networks. Penny plugs into both Facebook and Instagram (and soon LinkedIn) generating people and product recommendations based on their existing network and the buying habits of the entire customer base.

Penny leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide consultants with a daily list of the people on their Facebook and Instagram most likely to purchase products. As a result of this, consultants using Penny have been able to start more conversations in less time and generate 84% more leads than they were generating prior to using Penny. Subsequently, Penny suggesting leads from within the direct seller’s social network results in new consultants hitting their first rank advance 25% faster than consultants that don’t use Penny.

Delivering The Customer Halo Effect

While relying on recruiting may have been acceptable years ago, history (and the FTC) has shown that a greater focus on product sales is ultimately the best business model. It’s well known that selling to an existing customer is typically easier and more beneficial financially than constantly hunting for new prospects. Furthermore, these days repeat customers are a function of positive brand and customer experience. Penny’s Customer Care Cycle was developed with this in mind.

Penny delivers daily activities relevant to your company’s unique customer care cycle so that the consultant performs tasks at the right time to give the best customer experience, which includes AI-powered product recommendations and suggested, compliant messaging. When the customer has a great experience, referrals increase, repeat orders increase, the consultant’s momentum and belief increases, and paychecks increase. In fact, a recent study of 9,500 consultants found a 79% increase in sales in the first 3 months using Penny compared to the 3 months prior to using Penny.


Software tools that can’t be tied to revenue are ultimately cost centers, so a worthwhile tool ultimately should be judged by how it contributes to the bottom line; both by bringing in revenue directly and by freeing up consultant time so they can convert that free time to revenue. At the heart of implementing a tool across the field, the use of the tool should result in more revenue for the company. If it’s a productivity app, it should clear up time for the consultant to sell more to new or existing customers. If it’s a CRM, it should streamline the organization to make selling to existing and new customers more efficient, and generate more revenue. Penny was developed to be the ideal personal assistant for a direct sales consultant, combining the benefits of CRM, productivity, customer care, and sales into one while baking in AI and machine learning to remove the guesswork of what to do next. The result is an easy-to-use application that creates a duplicatable process that has a positive impact on the four key pillars of sales: recruitment, order frequency, cart size and retention. Penny is the intelligent personal assistant with a great ROI.


From lead generation to the Customer Care Cycle, Penny has been designed to create scalable and repeatable sales processes that strengthen the customer relationship; thus driving revenue for both new and experienced consultants looking to grow their business.


84% of direct sellers work in a part time capacity, have limited time to build their business, and are not professional sales people familiar with corporate applications. These consultants need an easy-to-use interface that guides them through the important tasks, in small chunks of their time; whether at home, in the coffee line, at lunch, or after their family has retired for the evening. The majority of consultants are more akin to consumers than corporate employees, and as a result the design and user experience has been at the forefront of the development of Penny. When direct sellers think about user experience and usability; consultants are comparing whatever applications you provide against their daily arsenal of apps like Facebook, Instagram, Uber, or Pinterest. They’re used to highly-polished apps. From lead generation to the Customer Care Cycle, Penny has been designed to create scalable and repeatable sales processes that strengthen the customer relationship; thus driving revenue for both new and experienced consultants looking to grow their business.

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