New Avon Debuts New, Interactive Digital Catalog

New Avon announced that the iconic Avon brochure will be updated to showcase a digital refresh.

The new digital initiative allows Avon to improve the selling experience for Avon Representatives throughout North America in an easier, more streamlined process. It also helps to address the company’s continuous improvement to protect the planet, launching today, April 30, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

Switching to a new digital platform allows Avon to help Representatives expand their reach even further. The browsing and buying experience will be optimized for desktop and mobile with shoppable posts, video makeup tutorials, influencer-created content, interviews with product creators, video reviews, animations and more. Cutting-edge AR makeup will also be a key feature with functions such as Virtual Try-OnFoundation Shade Finder and Concealer Shade Finder. This will allow customers to virtually try on makeup shades before buying and discover their shade matches.

Avon Representatives can also customize their Avon catalog and experience for shoppers allowing them more room to promote their business. Seamless sharing will let all users share any page or content via social, email or SMS. Now Representatives can consult with their customers and sell products digitally anytime, anywhere.

Avon’s paper brochure will still be available. Last year it began printing in smaller dimensions, less ink, fewer pages and a lighter quality paper. The paper is also sourced from sustainably managed, PFEC-certified forests with controlled sources. In doing so, Avon has moved to a significantly higher cost-efficient method, and the goal is to have the brochure be exclusively digital in the next few years.

Other recent noteworthy Avon initiatives around Earth Day include a greater visibility for Avon’s product safety policy and prohibited ingredient lists through more accessible placement on the website.  In addition, Avon will continue its status as one of the few cosmetic companies to list all ingredients of each product on its website, providing full transparency to customers before they try to purchase a product. Avon will also continue its current animal welfare policy and eliminating animal-derived ingredients from new products.  All Avon cartons are now made of FSC-certified paperboard as well.

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