MONAT Promotion Raises $173,000 for Non-Profits

Big Brothers Big Sisters

MONAT recently raised $173,000 for non-profit organizations in the US, Canada and the UK through its limited-edition moisturizing hair and body spray, More Than a Mist™.

The net proceeds from the sales of the limited-edition product, which was sold December 2018 through January 2019, generated the donation. In the US, the funds are being donated to 13 chapters of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Canada is supporting BBBS with donations to Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver, Big Sisters of British Columbia Lower Mainland, and BBBS of York. Chance UK, an early intervention organization that supports children experiencing emotional and behavioral difficulties, is being supported in the UK.

“We grew up without much, but had many rich ideas from my entrepreneurial parents,” said Ray Urdaneta, CEO of MONAT. “Giving back to kids and encouraging their education is vitally important to me and part of MONAT’s culture. One of our core philosophies is MONAT Gratitude: we are grateful for what we have and we give back to the communities that support us. Thanks to our limited-edition products and promotions like our More Than a Mist, we are able to give more, reaching more people around the world.”

In MONAT’s hometown of Miami, $18,000 in scholarships is being awarded through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami (BBBS Miami). As a Big Sister with BBBS Miami, Lu Urdaneta, director of Global Recognition and Gratitude at MONAT stated, “I’m always so happy and proud with how we are able to give back to our community, but this scholarship program means so much more because I’ve had the honor to watch these young men and women flourish while they learn about business and different opportunities in the work force.”