Mannatech Concludes Virtual Worldwide Convention

Mannatech Q3 2019

Mannatech, Incorporated recently concluded the largest virtual live event in its 27-year history.

MannaFest LIVE 2020 provided attendees from across the globe a way to stay during the COVID-19 pandemic. For two days, the company offered 12-plus hours of streaming content, including tips from corporate and top field leaders, new product rollouts, and training and personal development sessions.

“Napoleon Hill once said that within every adversity is the seed of an equal or greater opportunity,” said Al Bala, CEO of Mannatech. “We will fondly look back at MannaFest LIVE 2020 as a watershed event, the tipping point for Mannatech.”

MannaFest LIVE 2020 also included a fundraising event to help bridge the gap for children who are not yet able to return to school but whose parents rely on the schools to provide daily meals. So far the company has distributed 4.2 million servings year to date, but this fundraiser helped surpass the goal of 5 million servings. The funds that were collected will be used to provide nutrition to many undernourished families across the globe.