LR Health & Beauty Launches “LR MyOffice”

LR MyOffice

LR Health & Beauty recently announced it has launched a new tool, LR MyOffice, to support sales partners with their work in the digital LR world.

The Ahlen, Germany-based company teamed with American software provider Exigo to develop the tool, which can be used on Pcs, tablets and smartphones. With LR MyOffice, sales partners can get information on all relevant business figures and activities at a glance. The data, which is continuously updated, allows partners to see sales achieved for the month and how team members are developing. The tool also works as a personal assistant, alerting partners to team member birthdays and anniversaries with the company.

“The program helps LR partners to better understand their business figures and to control their business activities,” said Andreas Friesch, CEO and management spokesman of LR.

A special feature of LR MyOffice is the ability for each sales partner and team members to see at first glance what is needed to reach the next bonus or career level.

“We were very pleased to partner with LR to leverage our technical expertise and platform, and to create the new tool for LR’s partners,” said Ed Jarrin, president of Exigo.

The prelaunch phase for LR MyOffice began in February and ended May 14. The tool is now available for all LR sales partners. According to the company, over the next few months new functions will be added to the program.