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David Pitcock, Livinity President and CEO Barb Pitcock, Livinity Vice President and Founding Distributor

When you look into your children’s eyes, you want to be sure, with some degree of certainty, that you are doing everything you can to keep them healthy—and safe. And, yet, with the state of our health care today, that is becoming more and more difficult.

There are several key factors that have led to our impending crisis. We don’t eat right, for one. We are so busy, rushing from one activity to another, that we grab many of our meals on the go, and the food we fill our bodies with is less than adequate to keep us well. We try to supplement with vitamins, but, admittedly, it’s tough to know which ones are best. In short, the hectic lifestyles we lead are taking a toll on our families’ health, and we need to act fast to turn things around.

Then, rising costs have tied parents’ hands and limited their ability to access medical services until sickness has already set in. All too often, we play catch-up with pricey prescriptions, instead of taking preventative measures to stay well from the start. At that point, we are forced to weigh the benefits versus the risks of the best medications that money can buy.
The burden is heavy. Think about the pharmaceutical commercials you see every night on TV. You know the ones, where the list of side effects is often much, much longer than the illness or condition the drugs are trying to remedy. And yet, we accept that reality as a necessary evil—something we must endure to achieve better health. It doesn’t seem to faze us—until the list of side effects is staring us in the face, and the potential patient is our own small child.

Our Health in Crisis

Let’s face it: We are suffering from poor health, and instead of fixing the problem at the source, we continue to medicate the symptoms, as we seem to sink deeper into a cycle of sickness. It is a dilemma that Livinity founders David and Barb Pitcock know all too well, and that’s why they launched an aggressive new campaign to help turn the tide.

“At its heart, ‘Going Blue’ is a focus on an awareness of the side effects to prescription drugs and the benefits of a more natural approach,” says Livinity Vice President and Founding Distributor Barb Pitcock. It’s something the company takes very seriously—as evidenced by its motto, “Liv Long… Liv Free,” which encourages people to take steps to be healthier from the inside out.

“When we first launched the company, we looked at some of the main health issues in the world: pain, obesity, depression, sleep disorders and stress,” says Livinity President and CEO David Pitcock. “At Livinity, we try to focus on what is in the news and what people in the nation are suffering from and find a more natural approach to help them solve these issues.”

The Pitcocks realized that, as a nation, our lives are out of balance, and that as a result, our health is taking a major hit. More than an awareness campaign in the traditional sense, ‘Going Blue’ is actually a mission, a grass-roots movement to improve people’s health—and one that is gaining some serious momentum for Livinity. “Making good choices is becoming more and more difficult,” David says. “We went green to save a polluted planet, and now it’s time to ‘Go Blue’ to save our polluted bodies!”

Products Packed with Promise

Taking on the challenge to “Go Blue” starts with Livinity’s TRU-BLUE product. The supplement is packed with good stuff, such as resveratrol and antioxidant-rich blueberries. Found in the skin of grapes, resveratrol has been touted as a health-boosting property of red wine.

Livinity launched BlueRez late in 2009, and has experienced the best sales spike so far in their brief four-year history. BlueRez is a tiny, 2-ounce shot that delivers a big burst of healthy energy. It starts with superfood ingredients like açai, pomegranate, blueberry and resveratrol. It has no sugar and no calories, putting it on par with the healthiest energy shots you can find.

“The other day, I got up at 3:30 in the morning to catch an early flight from Florida to the Midwest, and I drank a BlueRez to get me going,” Barb says. “At midnight, I was still going, and I thought, ‘This is the most amazing product.’ I never had the jitters; it wasn’t like I drank 10 pots of coffee. You just feel good.”

While the big push right now is to “Go Blue,” there are numerous other products that round out the Livinity line. From the start, the Pitcocks wanted to make sure they had a variety of products, so there is a little something for everyone. “We’re always putting the distributors’ needs first,” Barb says. “What if we had someone who joined and they didn’t need energy. You have to have products that appeal to everyone. I think it’s good to diversify, whether it is personal-care products, cleaning concentrates or supplements. The key, really, is finding the products you love and telling other people about those products.”

Putting the Field First

Not only is “Going Blue” a smart move toward greater health, it’s also a smart business decision. Barb and David Pitcock started Livinity after a long and lucrative career as distributors themselves. The couple saw a need and founded Livinity as a way to give back.

“We were so tired of seeing people get involved with other companies where they could never make a residual income,” David says. “So we created a different kind of compensation plan, which we believe offers a way for the average person to make a residual income right from the start.”

The pair says that the distributors will always come first. “We like to say that Livinity is a company founded by distributors for distributors, because we’re always going to be distributors at heart,” Barb says. “I believe the greatest asset that you have as a company, even more important than your product line and your compensation plan, is those leaders in the field. You have to be able to build leaders. If you build the leaders, the leaders will build the business.” And build they have! The company’s growth in less than five years, by design, has been measured and steady. And now the company is ready to really take off.

The secret to success in Livinity is, well, there is no secret. David and Barb say anyone can be successful with the right tools and training. And Livinity’s training system gives average people the tools they need to achieve success beyond their wildest dreams.

“Dave and I were average people when we got started in our first network marketing venture. We didn’t have a lot of credentials—we weren’t professional network marketers,” Barb says. “And I think our story attracts a lot of people who see the potential to work to create a residual income right away. You don’t have to be a network marketing guru or giant. A lot of the people in our company have never been in network marketing before and they’re having great success—and that’s a really good feeling.”

The executive team doesn’t let just anyone train the leaders in the field. “In our system, you’re learning from people who really did it,” David says. “You’re learning from people who have earned millions of dollars in network marketing. ‘My check went from $50 to $3,800, and here’s what I did.’ That’s what people want to know.”

The Livinity model seems to be catching on with people from all walks of life. No matter their background, it seems Livinity has leveled the playing field to enable all to achieve their goals. “We have top attorneys, chiropractors, single moms and young college couples just out of school,” Barb says. “We have a lot of baby boomers and even people who are 80 years old building a business, and it’s awesome! There’s not just one type of person—everybody’s getting it.”

Helping People Hope Again

Fueled by an uncertain economy, more people, it seems, are seeking refuge in network marketing opportunities than ever before. And Livinity has certainly seen their share of the boom. They have their own allure for people seeking a better way—and the “Liv Free” part of their motto is a constant reminder.

“ ‘Going Blue’ is not only a focus on the health challenges in America today, but also the economy and the financial hardships people face because of it,” Barb says. “We want to help people learn how to create a recession-proof income. People just want to know, ‘How can I keep my health and stay in this house?’ and ‘Can I make five grand a month?’ Yes, you can. It’s something everybody can do—and not just the top money earner.”

“Going Blue” has become a movement that has taken on a life of its own—one that people can believe in, that offers them hope for a better future. “People get passionate about ‘Going Blue’—it has created a loyalty,” Barb says. “Our distributors are as excited to be a part of the movement as they are to experience the products and the financial benefits. It’s like we’ve formed a club where people are just passionate about spreading the word and making sure everybody goes blue.”

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