LifeVantage Launches in Spain

LifeVantage Launches in Spain

LifeVantage announced that it is expanding its footprint in Europe by launching in Spain.

The new market opened as part of the company’s European Leadership Academy in Barcelona. Spain is open for both distributor enrollments and customer orders. LifeVantage will initially offer select products, including its flagship Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer® supplement.

“We are extremely pleased with the interest we are seeing in Spain, and we anticipate a strong launch out of the gate with participation from all over the world,” said LifeVantage Chief Sales Officer Justin Rose.

In addition to Spain, LifeVantage now has a European presence in the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands and Austria. The company also has plans to expand into Belgium and Ireland in the coming months. Select LifeVantage products are currently available in both countries, as well as in France and Italy, on a not-for-resale basis as part of the company’s Global Customer Acquisition Program.

“As a health and wellness company, it’s always rewarding to see our biohacking community expand and our products become more readily available,” said LifeVantage CEO Darren Jensen, “but there’s an extra energy and excitement when you open a market known for its healthy lifestyle like Spain.”

With a population of 50 million, Spain currently boasts one of the world’s highest life expectancies at 83 years.