Lessons for Motivating A Volunteer Salesforce

Direct selling companies and non-profit organizations face a similar dilemma: How to motivate a salesforce made up of volunteers.

These salesforces do not have quotas like typical sales teams. Their sales leaders have no hire or fire authority. Yet they have both been successful in aligning sales goals and motivating growth. How do they do it?

A recent article in Forbes offered insight and advice on best practices for companies trying to motivate a volunteer workforce.

Keep it Simple

Businesses cannot compel volunteers to do anything. The only thing they can do is simplify the message and model the behaviors. That is, make things simple. Duplicable.

Look for Inspiration Everywhere

Look outside of direct competitors for inspiration on how to engage, educate and inspire your salesforce. Research companies that do a good job of the tasks and motions you want your sellers to demonstrate.

Recruiting and Onboarding Can Make All the Difference

New sellers need to get early momentum. It’s an indication of later success and helps the seller know they are on the right track. This is a matter of good recruiting and onboarding while understanding your differentiation and the value you bring to your employees.

Recognize and Appreciate the Choices People Make

People have choices. To work for your company or organization. To spend their time with target accounts. To read emails from the marketing organization or utilize CRM to manage their contacts. Respect the choices people are making every day to invest in your company, to support your campaign and to solve problems for customers. Show gratitude.

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