LegalShield Debuts Legal Service for Startups at SXSW

LegalShield’s newest offering helps entrepreneurs navigate the legal side of starting a business.

The Oklahoma-based company has added Launch by LegalShield to its lineup of legal and identity theft services. Launch draws upon LegalShield’s network of law firms to help entrepreneurs form a business entity and file the necessary paperwork. “Every year, founders set up more than 700,000 small businesses, yet the process of getting established the right way can be daunting—and take attention away from other crucial tasks such as product development,” said Jeff Bell, CEO of LegalShield.

To simplify the process, Launch comes with a three-month membership to LegalShield, meaning the client has direct access to a lawyer for phone consultations, legal document reviews and other services. The first step is setting up a Limited Liability Company (LLC), Doing Business As (DBA) or Corporation. Then, as a LegalShield member, the client has ongoing access to legal counsel. All services are available through a mobile app for ease of use. Launch starts at $145, coming in well below competing services, the company said in a news release.

“Launch was designed with the modern entrepreneur in mind,” said Bell. “We are currently undergoing a massive cultural shift in employment trends and people are empowered to create the work they want to do anywhere, not just in Silicon Valley.”

LegalShield is keen to get its new service into the hands of millennials, who are more open to starting a business than any other demographic, according to the latest Global Entrepreneurship Report from Amway. In the survey of more than 50,000, 52 percent of those under 35 could imagine starting a business, compared to just 33 percent of respondents 50 and older.

With a younger demographic in mind, LegalShield has teamed with YouTube personality Jacques Slade to spread the word about Launch. Roughly 430,000 subscribe to Slade’s YouTube channel, where he specializes in unveiling the latest athletic footwear in a series of popular “Unboxing” videos. This week, LegalShield hosted a reception at SXSW, the annual tech, media and music festival in Austin, where Slade helped unveil the company’s new offering for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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