Infographic: 2013 Supplement Business Report

The Nutrition Business Journal recently published its annual report on the supplements market, a dynamic sector that generated $32.5 billion in sales last year. The 2013 Supplement Business Report tracks major trends and developments across the industry.

An infographic outlining the report’s findings notes that whole-food supplements have outpaced the rest of the market for the last several years. The report estimates that sales of food-based supplements will grow at twice the rate of other supplement sales by 2015. The report also indicates that the Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements (VMS) industry will undergo a major shift in the next few years as big business interests continue to gain market share.

Though 29 percent of survey respondents said they have “No idea what it is,” personalization is receiving increased attention from supplement companies and ancillary industries. The report notes that personalization—using nutrition as a “true therapy for lifestyle-based illness”—represents the forefront of medical research and the future of healthcare.

View the full 2013 Supplement Business Report infographic.

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