Industry Advocate Jeff Babener Passes Away

Jeffrey Babener, 71, passed away March 16, 2020.

Babener built an impressive legal practice representing several direct selling companies, and becoming a leading expert and prolific writer in the industry.

Friend and fellow legal colleagues spoke about Babner’s passing:

Brent Kugler, a direct selling litigation attorney for Scheef & Stone:

The MLM legal community suffered a great loss with the passing last week of attorney Jeff Babener. Jeff was a pioneer in the MLM legal field and a tireless advocate for direct selling companies and the opportunity they offer to aspiring entrepreneurs.
On a personal level, Jeff was a mentor and dear friend. Jeff was a great storyteller and always willing to share his thoughts and wisdom with me and other direct sales/MLM lawyers even though we were “competitors.” Jeff, you will be sorely missed.

Kevin Thompson of Thompson Burton:

The industry lost one of its greatest advocates. I am sad to report that one of the best among us, Jeffrey Babener, passed away on March 17, 2020.
He was a legend. He will be missed.
Jeffrey Babener was one of the originals when it came to MLM law. Jeff was a fierce competitor, which made me like him more throughout the years. When he had a problem with something I wrote or said, he’d call. When he had a compliment to share, he’d call. He was direct, to the point. I really admired him and was saddened to hear of his passing. He dropped subtle practice pointers on me throughout the years, advice that I was always grateful to receive.