HealthSync Global Welcomes New President Doug Jensen

HealthSync Global

HealthSyncTM Global recently appointed Doug Jensen as President. Jensen will oversee operations, sales, strategic direction, and leadership for the emerging wellness company.  Jensen has over 25 years of corporate leadership and sales experience with 14 years in the network marketing industry.

“Doug is one of the most uniquely qualified individuals with whom I have ever worked. Not only is he inspiring and committed, but he also positively drives growth wherever he goes. From changing people’s lives to building powerful teams, he is instrumental in helping others navigate through challenging situations to realize their potential to achieve their dreams. Doug is a  top-notch leader that has developed exceptional character and skills while maintaining balance in his personal and career life. He is committed to excellent health habits and helping others build a positive legacy in their lives all while being actively engaged in the lives of his family members. No easy task, but he makes it happen,” says Brandon Broadwater, Healthsync Global CEO and Founder.

The HealthSync Global team is excited to have Jensen join the team as a key player to help achieve the company vision to be a pillar of strength within people’s lives and empower individuals to unleash their potential for greater health, wealth, and happiness.