Aaaaand We’re Live!

Facebook Live

Are you using these Facebook Live updates to grow and engage your audience?

When Facebook Live launched in 2016, it gave everyone on the platform the ability to instantly broadcast to and interact with their friends and followers. It has become one of the most effective ways for businesses to connect with and grow a targeted audience.

According to, more than 3.5 billion Facebook Live broadcasts have been created by hundreds of millions of people. Nearly two billion people have watched a live broadcast. The site also notes that Facebook Live videos get six times more interaction than regular videos. Facebook says people comment more than 10 times more on live videos than regular videos.

Jeunesse brands its videos “Jeunesse Live” and offers product tips, announcements, event promos and more. Revital U’s Daily Draw gives away cash to people who comment and engage with the videos. “When we were creating the revital U business opportunity, we wanted to make it as simple as possible and use the one tool that everyone already owns…a phone,” says revital U’s CEO Andy McWilliams. “Our Daily Draw give away is just another way to engage and delight.”

Prüvit hosts live Q&As with thirdparty doctors and nutritionists to educate people on how their products work. Plexus LIVE episodes interview top distributors and announce company updates. As direct selling companies and distributors figure out how to best apply this tool to their businesses, Facebook Live has undergone a few important updates.

“ Facebook Live videos get six times more interaction than regular videos. Facebook says people comment more than 10 times more on live videos than regular videos. —HOOTSUITE.COM

Web Browser Broadcasting: This one has been around for a while, but it’s still important to note that a live video can launch from a web browser on a laptop or desktop computer. This is a great benefit for those who have a camera, microphone and lighting setup. It also helps when connecting the videos to a conference platform like Zoom.

Detailed Insights: This might be the most underutilized feature of Facebook Live. Insights and metrics include total minutes viewed, number of views, total engagement (reactions, comments and shares).

Cross-Posting To Pages: A live video can be posted to more than one Facebook business page. If a business manages a few pages, the same video can broadcast as an original post without having to share onto multiple pages.

Live Comment Pinning: Because a main focus of going live is viewer interaction, Facebook allows you to pin certain comments, which highlights them for the viewers. This is a great way to answer questions, increase engagement and personalize the videos.

Video Permalink: Why is this a big deal? It allows business pages to send out a link to the live video as soon as it’s broadcast. The “ yourpagename/videos” link can be used to access a library of past videos.

Questions and Polls: Polling is nothing new on Facebook, but doing it in a live video is a great way to spark comments and debates. It also allows viewers to comment with each other and gives you insight into your audience’s opinions.

12 Facebook Live Tips

  1. Announce your Facebook Live in advance.
  2. Write an enticing (but short) description.
  3. Pose a question that will be answered in the video.
  4. Select a specific audience (age, gender, location, etc.).
  5. Offer value, educate, and answer questions.
  6. Share the video on other social platforms, or link to it on your website and in emails
  7. Welcome people who join the video.
  8. Ask people to comment, like, share, and invite other guests.
  9. Ask questions throughout the video (encourage engagement).
  10. Promote your next Facebook Live.
  11. Give a Call to Action (reach out for more info, click a link, etc.).
  12. Broadcast regularly (example: at the same time every week).