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Photos: Direct Selling News and SUCCESS Partners headquarters in Plano, Texas. As shown in the accompanying images, the building was designed to foster creativity and collaboration.

The year is winding down and soon 2016 will be upon us, but here at Direct Selling News, we already feel as if we have turned the page to a new chapter by completing our move into our new headquarters. The new building has most certainly delivered on the promise I wrote about in my March piece. It’s a world-class facility that houses not just DSN, but the entire team at SUCCESS magazine and our parent company, SUCCESS Partners.

The architectural firm Corgan Associates Inc. worked closely with the great team at Herman Miller to bring to fruition our vision of a sleek, modern and exciting workplace that nurtures innovation and collaboration. When I asked DSN Ambassador John Fleming, who has experienced both of the publication’s prior homes, to describe the evolution, he put it this way: “Many architects and space planners believe in a philosophy that ‘form should follow function.’ The new space is all about supporting teams of people and providing them with as much flexibility and comfort as possible in how their work is done. Throughout the building, the environment of the outdoors is felt within, the wireless technology allows teams to gather and work in multiple environments, and what we call ‘the hub’  is simply a wonderful gathering place! The new building is truly a state-of-the-art contemporary and functional facility.”

We’ve only been here a couple of months, but we are tremendously excited about the future of Direct Selling News, and the work we’ll be able to accomplish here. The pictures don’t do it justice—we invite you each to come to 5800 Democracy Drive in Plano, Texas, and take a personal tour to really experience this place. You’ll be amazed!

Our seventh-annual DSN Global 100 Celebration Gala will be in nearby Dallas on April 7, which would be a great opportunity to schedule a visit. Look for our ad in this issue for more information on both registering for the event and submitting your company’s information to be considered for this most prestigious list, ranking the top direct selling companies in the world.

April may seem way off, but it won’t be long until we’ll all be making New Year’s Resolution lists. Will creating better retention rates for your consultant base be on your list? If it is, this month’s cover story will provide you with three principles to follow that can help you retain your consultants, especially your new consultants, for a longer period of time. Writer Andrea Tortora explores ideas and strategies behind providing simple action steps, offering mentoring and feedback programs, and creating an outstanding culture. We hope you find it useful to increasing your own retention rates.

Lauren and JohnPublisher and Editor in Chief Lauren Lawley Head and Ambassador John Fleming

This month’s issue also brings insight into Young Living’s long-lasting success and consistent growth with an interview with Travis Ogden, the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Additionally, we’ve included a profile of Damsel in Defense, a new company that equips and empowers women with self-defense products and strategies.

This issue also contains a DSN staff contribution discussing the various ways the “gig” economy, as some call it, has similarities to the direct selling world. The article includes a challenge for our industry to lead the way in thinking about and creating support systems for this new economy. Here’s a peek inside this article:

“What companies in this industry always have provided to their independent business owners is a system, a specific compensation plan that rewards more for more successful effort and a specific guide for learning the skills associated with the new business opportunity. The opportunity has always been recognized by some as being the franchise type of opportunity without the franchise investment. How might our opportunity be expanded to be inclusive of this new worker?”

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Publisher and Editor in Chief

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