DSA Calls for Heightened Measures to Ensure Accurate Product Claims

California Governor

The Direct Selling Association (DSA) is reinforcing its commitment to consumers with heightened measures to ensure accurate and transparent product information from its member companies and their independent sellers.

According to the DSA 2019 Growth and Outlook Survey, there are millions of direct sellers who market their products through personal explanation and demonstration across the country selling products and providing services to their friends, neighbors and relatives. While DSA has made many strides in self-regulation through the DSA Code of Ethics and the independently administered Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC), during this critical time the Association is taking additional steps to monitor and enforce its strict ethical policies on product and opportunity claims.

“As integral members of their neighborhoods, direct sellers have a unique opportunity and responsibility to share accurate information about their products and opportunities,” said Joseph N. Mariano, DSA president and chief executive officer. “We can and will be an important part of the restoration of our communities and our country by providing needed products, services and information. As we continue to protect consumers and elevate the ethical business standards for the direct selling channel we are encouraging our members to be conduits of accurate, reliable information, and expect our members to continue their vigilance in enforcing independent seller compliance and increasing their monitoring systems.”

Mariano continued, “Our DSA Code of Ethics prohibits false or misleading product claims from our member companies and their sellers. It is unacceptable, harmful and counterproductive for anyone to make public pronouncements about the efficacy of their products against illness in this environment, and we certainly won’t tolerate direct sellers who might do that. Anyone who violates those standards will be held to account.”