Direct Selling on the Rise in Poland

FlagThe Direct Selling industry is growing in Poland. Recent reports showed an increase of 1.3 percent year over year in 2011 to €585.4m. Cosmetics and personal-care products accounted for 69 percent of the revenues of companies affiliated with the Direct Selling Association of Poland (PSSB). The year before this the category held 70 percent while a European Union average in 2010 stood at 38 percent. The second-largest value share in the Polish direct sales market was household appliances, which generated 13.4 percent of the overall direct retail sales in the country, marking a 3.4 percent increase year over year. OTC medicines and dietary supplements accounted for 11.6 percent of direct sales in Poland in 2011 and grew at 3.1 percent on a yearly basis. Approximately 870,000 individuals were involved in direct sales in Poland last year, of which 88 percent are women.

Companies operating on the market employed about 1,497 people, and 96 percent of the revenues came from person to person sales. Companies on the direct sales market include Amway, Avon Cosmetics, Forever Living Products, Herbalife, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Oriflame. Poland is the fifth-largest direct sales market in Europe after France (€3.7bn), Germany (€2.7bn), Italy (€2.4bn), and Great Britain (€1.4bn).

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