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Yanbal International is a global multi-level corporation expert in cosmetics and jewelry, whose mission is to change the lives of all women and their families through beauty and inspiration to fulfill their dreams. It operates under the principle of “prosperity for all.”


Revenue Rank
$971 million 26

Country: Peru

Sales Method: Person To Person

Compensation Structure: Multi-Level

Products: Cosmetics; Personal Care

Markets: 10

Primary Market: Peru

Salespeople: 400,000

Employees: 5,539

Headquarters: Lima, Peru

Executive: Janine Belmont

Year Founded: 1967

Website: www.yanbal.com


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June 1, 2017

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Charles & Colvard Sells Direct Selling Jewelry Business to Yanbal USA

March 11, 2016

Moissanite seller Charles & Colvard Ltd. this week said it has sold off the main assets of its direct selling unit, Lulu Avenue, to Yanbal USA Inc.

Direct Selling Boom in Peru

March 7, 2012

Direct selling is alive and doing well in Peru. The industry, which is the largest category within non-store retailing in the country, has allowed hundreds of thousands of Peruvians to create their own business opportunities, and also helped to reduce poverty. And, according to industry leaders, the future looks bright.