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Tools Don’t Close Sales, They Create Meaningful Conversations


Few industries welcome their sales force with the kind of tools training that direct selling companies do. The majority of these new people are new to entrepreneurship, and are blank slates when they sign their distributor application. They are looking to you for guidance on how they can attain the goals they have set. In…

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A Discussion of the FTC Announcement

FTC vs. Neora

As President of DSA, it is my job to evaluate and report on cases like the recent Federal Trade Commission announcement regarding AdvoCare dispassionately and to analyze the impact on the direct selling channel and assist our members in charting a course forward. Nonetheless, it is difficult for me to believe the investigators got all…

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5 Reasons Your Sales Force Needs Facebook Parties

Facebook parties

There are only two ways to scale; more consultants or more parties—and Facebook parties will help you with both. There are so many ways to reach your consumer nowadays, including a Facebook party. In 2018, the number of Facebook Live broadcasts reached 3.5 billion, and the people who updated a status on Facebook reached 25…

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Financial Analysis

Public Direct Sellers: Why We Have “Regulatory” and “China” as Risk Factors; Stocks Feeling the Pain China deteriorates substantially, and it’s not geopolitics  Business in China for the publicly traded Direct Selling stocks slowed substantially in the Q2 due to the government’s crackdown on direct selling nutrition companies earlier in the year. The most exposed…

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Direct Selling’s Pop-Culture Prominence: It’s All Good


Avon, Mary Kay, Amway and countless more brands: direct selling is an integral part of the American consciousness. It’s not surprising references to us show up in popular culture all the time. I’ve seen direct selling featured in movies and TV shows dating back decades. Media often refer to direct selling by focusing on flexibility…

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Think & Market Like a Retailer


I think we can all agree that the most fundamental changes that are happening right now are centered on the consumer, as they are demanding a more seamless experience. They want to buy products where, when, and how they want. We need to remember that customers don’t think in terms of channel but in terms…

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Experiential Compensation


VERVE founder Callum Negus-Fancey is building a powerful, transparent brand through word-of-mouth and using rewards-based compensation instead of cash As most in our channel know by now, successful gig companies have sweetened the deal traditionally made by direct selling with ready-made customers, no startup fees and same-day pay. Gig worker numbers keep rising, and by…

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What’s Your Recognition Program Rhythm?


When direct selling companies are just starting out, there are countless issues that must be faced, decisions to be made and challenges to overcome. However, during all of this planning, don’t forget the overwhelming importance of recognition for your distributor network. If this is not well thought out and executed from day one, it will…

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We Must Raise the Bar in our Recruiting Message & Practices


It’s no secret that the surge in E-commerce, namely Amazon, over the years has forced our channel to take notice and to pivot in order to keep pace with consumers’ ever-changing expectations. Our channel has responded pretty well to this challenge as more companies are trying to meet the consumer where they are as evidenced…

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DSA Message

California Governor

Direct selling faces exciting times: a wider range of businesses have come to recognize our channel’s strategic advantages—its ability to forge unrivaled relationships between consumers and the individual direct sellers who bring the promise of our brands to life. As the channel’s reputation elevates, our companies are steadily attracting executive talent from some of the…

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