PrimeMybody’s Mission to Revolutionize the Hemp Oil Industry


Cannabis & Tech Today recently conducted an interview with PrimeMyBody CEO Paul Rogers to learn more about hemp and how the company is working toward creating a more sustainable industry. To learn more about the science behind their innovations, Cannabis & Tech Today also spoke with PrimeMyBody’s Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Cheng Ruan to discover how their studies…

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Rise of the Virtual Social Selling Enterprise: Part 2

More companies entering the direct selling space are opting for a cloud-based business model that combines skilled suppliers, online office platforms and strategic partnerships. Editor’s Note: This is the second installment about the virtual social selling companies that are making an impact that began in with July 2018 cover story. Direct selling startups used to…

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The Rise of the Virtual Social Selling Enterprise

Direct selling is in the throes of a hot new business trend, and the companies who are jumping onboard say the benefits outweigh the risks. Did You Notice The Shift? Barriers have disappeared and customers are engaging like never before. In fact, the current digital and technological change is so great that it will completely…

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