J. Hilburn

J. Hilburn: Powered by Possibility Modernizing Men’s Custom Clothing, One Measure at a Time

Founded: 2007 Headquarters: Dallas, Texas Executives: Veeral Rathod, CEO and Co-Founder Products: Custom clothing and accessories J.Hilburn set out to build a better menswear brand and modernize made-to-measure men’s clothing a decade ago. The company and its founding team were powered by possibility and unhindered by the constraints of what they believed to be an antiquated apparel industry. Executives…

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J.Hilburn: Built to Last

In six short years, J.Hilburn has grown to be the largest maker of custom shirts and made-to-measure trousers in the world. Each year since its 2007 launch, J.Hilburn’s revenues have doubled. The company is on track to reach $55 million by the end of 2013.

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