Avon Introduces Personalized Beauty App

The digital tool, built in partnership with Techkon, will deliver diagnostics regardless of ethnicity, skin tone and type using a phone camera and a unique calibration card exclusively available to Avon Representatives.

Avon Products, Inc. conducted research into how mathematical-based color theory could be used to predict an individual’s make-up shade and skin-care needs and worked with Techkon to develop the technology. The app poses questions designed to identify those needs and uses the calibration card to precisely measure skin tone. The information is processed through a unique algorithm that generates personalized product recommendations.

“We’re passionate about making high-quality, high-tech innovation accessible to all of our Beauty Entrepreneurs and their customers,” said Louise Scott, Avon’s chief scientific officer. “Digital tools like this help make the personalized, trusted service of our Representatives even more meaningful. At Avon, we are putting an end to the one-size fits all approach and recognizing that women don’t just want the latest product, they want real beauty insight tailored to their individual needs—not just for foundation, but for their whole beauty color regime. Early results indicate that this technology provides a benefit that really resonates. We’re providing a solution that women want.”

This program is the latest milestone in the transformation of Avon’s digital strategy, fueling the business’ growth through enhanced interactions with Representatives and customers.

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