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Did You Say Something?

Neurolinguistic Programming

Using Sensory Acuity To Get Your Message Across Have you ever sat through a presentation that completely bombed, leaving you and the rest of the audience asking the question, “Did you say something?” Maybe you were that presenter. I’ve been there myself—before I learned one of the most valuable communication lessons of my career: Any…

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4 Ways To Impact Your Organization

Impact Your Organization

Tools. Listening. Cascading and High Leverage Activities. IN OUR PREVIOUS JANUARY COLUMN, we launched the concept of thinking strategically about everything in order to get the best results, which is what I do every day in working with top executives. In that article, we talked about gaining strategic clarity on the things that matter the…

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You Can Be Strategic About Everything

Are you as strategic as you could be? Helping people get more of the results they want by being more strategic in every area of their lives, both personally and professionally, is an everyday occurrence for me. Being more strategic (or, in other words, thinking smarter) is a powerful concept. You can be more strategic about…

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