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Gary Young’s Legacy Honored

D. Gary Young, who passed away on May 12, 2018, was the amalgam of a life spent overcoming tremendous adversity—poverty, disabling injury, ridicule and a harsh upbringing fostered in him an unstoppable desire to help others in need. Through Young Living, the company that he and wife, Mary, founded in 1994, Gary Young built a…

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Tenacity and Tech: Kyäni’s 20/20 Vision


For Kyäni founders Kirk Hansen, Jim Hansen and Carl Taylor, the direct selling channel was new territory, much like the vast, untouched landscape that produces the wild Alaskan blueberry, an essential ingredient to Kyäni’s Triangle of Health flagship products. KYÄNI Founded: 2007 Headquarters: Idaho Falls, Idaho Top Executive: Founders Kirk Hansen, Jim Hansen and Carl Taylor;…

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J. Hilburn: Powered by Possibility Modernizing Men’s Custom Clothing, One Measure at a Time

Founded: 2007 Headquarters: Dallas, Texas Executives: Veeral Rathod, CEO and Co-Founder Products: Custom clothing and accessories J.Hilburn set out to build a better menswear brand and modernize made-to-measure men’s clothing a decade ago. The company and its founding team were powered by possibility and unhindered by the constraints of what they believed to be an antiquated apparel industry. Executives…

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Segmenting Direct Selling’s SalesForce in the U.S.

This is a special section of the August, 2017 Cover Story article. Data Released on Pilot Basis in 2016 Seeking a clearer picture of the direct selling salesforce, U.S. DSA and WFDSA embarked on new research to characterize the motivations of people involved in direct selling. U.S. DSA President Joseph Mariano says the channel became increasingly…

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Billion Dollar Markets and Beyond

Sustained Growth Expands Global Direct Sales $25.7 Billion In 4 Years While direct selling is a niche channel for distributing goods and services, each year more and more companies are discovering the power that can be unleashed through an independent salesforce tapping into personal networks. Where door-to-door sales and in-home parties fueled the growth in…

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