Amway Launches Its First Car Air Treatment Product

Ada, Michigan-based Amway introduced Atmosphere Drive™, a world-class air treatment system designed to provide clean, safe air inside your vehicle, which can be up to 15 times worse than the air outdoors, according to a study by the British Environmental Audit Committee.

Atmosphere Drive is the first generation of car air treatment systems from Amway, makers of the Atmosphere™ Air Treatment System, which is the world’s largest-selling home air treatment product based on a Verify Markets study of 2015 global sales revenue.

“The Atmosphere Drive system leverages the proven Atmosphere brand filtration technology to provide consumers with fresher, safer air inside their vehicles,” said Bill Luke, Director of Durables R&D. “Using its unique three-in-one filter, the unit maintains a high level of industry performance by effectively removing airborne particles in your vehicle down to 0.015 microns.”

The three-in-one filtration technology first captures large contaminants such as hair and dust. Then, like a HEPA filter, the second stage removes small particles and smoke. This helps with PM2.5 and other major airborne contaminants. Another benefit of the three-in-one filtration is the reduction of odors inside the vehicle.

“The Atmosphere Drive system’s three-in-one filter not only reduces airborne tobacco smoke, and exhaust, but also chemical pollutants such as formaldehyde, toluene and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs),” said Luke.

The Atmosphere Drive system has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 30m3 / hour at max speed and also has received the Allergy UK Seal of Approval.

The British Allergy Foundation is a medical charity that works with manufacturers worldwide to test and promote the benefits of products and appliances which may be of benefit to people affected by allergies. Products that receive the Seal of Approval, such as the Atmosphere Air Treatment System, have been through scientific testing carried out by an independent laboratory to protocols that have been created by leading allergy specialists.

“Amway has improved indoor air quality for more than 3 million people around the globe and continues to offer innovative solutions that provide cleaner and safer air quality, whether at home or on the road,” said Mark Nelson, Director of Home brands for Amway.

The Atmosphere Drive car air treatment system is sold exclusively by Amway Business Owners throughout the region.