Mannatech Celebrates 25 Years

Mannatech Q3 2019

Mannatech, Incorporated is celebrating 25 years of operations with its independent sales associates at eight different MannaFest-type gatherings around the world.

“Arriving at the 25-year mark is a big deal for any business, but especially for a direct sales company,” said Alfredo “Al” Bala, CEO and president of Mannatech. “Many companies have come and gone in the last 25 years, but here we are operating in 26 countries and still transforming lives through Glyconutrition.”

Mannatech is celebrating throughout the year with eight unique MannaFest-type conferences in the USA, Korea, Macau, Australia, South Africa, Japan, UK and Mexico.

The North America MannaFest will be held April 3-6 in Arlington, Texas, and will feature two new products which represent new market possibilities for Mannatech.

“The products we plan to introduce at MannaFest 2019 in Texas will be game-changers,” explained Bala. “These are products that Mannatech Associates will find very easy to share, because they offer exactly the type of health benefits that many people are looking for.”

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