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2011: The Year of Ethics

According to the Chinese calendar, 2011 is the year of the Rabbit, which means a year in which one should strive to be creative and compassionate. For the direct selling industry, 2011 might well be the year of focusing on a continued and diligent commitment to ethics. During his address at the Annual Meeting several years ago, Direct Selling Association (DSA) President Neil Offen challenged our industry to be both creative and compassionate by redoubling efforts to make direct sellers the envy of other industries by “walking the walk and talking the talk” on high ethical standards and consumer protection. DSA companies responded in earnest to this challenge with renewed vigor and commitment to raising the bar on ethics on a variety of fronts.

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Making a Fashion Statement: Jewelry and accessories companies garnering worldwide attention

In December 2010, Nordstrom Inc. announced that November 2010 revenue from its stores that had been open at least a year rose 5.1 percent, surpassing Wall Street’s expectations. Nordstrom indicated that its best-selling items included jewelry and women’s and men’s shoes.

Also in December of last year, JCPenney announced the launch of a Facebook e-commerce application, which gives the more than 1.3 million people who “like” the retailer the chance to purchase product directly from JCPenney’s Facebook page. According to the retailer, only selected product categories—including jewelry, shoes and handbags—are now sold on Facebook.

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Creating a Competitive Advantage for Your Salesforce by Developing Strong Brand Equity

In this highly competitive, oversaturated marketplace, establishing and maintaining brand equity is crucial to differentiating your products from the pack and ultimately assuming a leadership position. According to, “brand equity” is defined as “a brand’s power derived from the goodwill and name recognition it has earned over time, which translates into higher sales volume and higher profit margins against competing brands.” In other words, it’s a company’s value based on consumer perception. In the world of direct selling, brand equity not only lets consumers know what a brand stands for and what they can expect, but can also instantly open doors and start conversations for the salesforce with potential customers and prospects.

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Wisdom Leads Syntec Nutraceuticals to Success

Researchers are known for their methodical approach to problem-solving. Direct selling is known for enthusiastic persistence. Combine the two, and you get a company that successfully provides dream fulfillment and outstanding health supplements, with a level-headed approach to product development and expansion. You get Syntec Nutraceuticals.

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