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Launching the XanGo Goodness Foundation…and a Challenge to You

A Humble Beginning, an Enduring Commitment

XanGo LLC started from quite modest beginnings. I recall the planning days back in 2002. XanGo’s founders—Joe Morton, Aaron Garrity, Gary Hollister, Gordon Morton, Kent Wood and myself—sitting around the conference table hammering out business details and making a commitment to giving back, just as soon as we turned our first profit.

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SwissJust America Forges a Bright Future for Youths

Founder Sam Mizrahi fulfills lifelong dream with Fondation Forge.

Children have always held a special place in Sam Mizrahi’s heart. As a young boy growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he was filled with a desire to help his friends in any way he could, always ready with a helping hand and a willing heart.

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Letter from John Fleming, January 2010

Happy New Year! As we kick off 2010, that expression may very well be shared with more heartfelt reflection, optimism, hope and enthusiasm than in any new year in recent history. I am personally pleased to be looking toward the upcoming 12 months and to all the opportunity that’s activated when we wipe the slate clean and begin to paint the masterpiece of another new year!

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The 4 C’s of Succccess

Jennifer was in her mid-30s and had a lot going for her. She was smart, with a good education and with what she thought was a promising future as a midlevel manager with her company. Then everything started to go wrong. Despite 10 years of hard work, long hours and lost weekends working at her firm, she was unceremoniously let go when the economic downturn began a year ago.

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The Music of USANA’s New Shipping Line

When it kicks on, you can tell.

Before, there is only silence. Silver rollers lay dormant. Boxes sit frozen on a long blue track. Computers blink as the circuitry stays in a holding pattern. Products remain tucked together on racks of pallets. There’s a hush over the 20,000 square feet of smooth concrete where USANA’s new shipping line lies in waiting—primed, ready.

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Resolve to Prosper in 2010

It’s a bit cliché to talk about New Year’s resolutions, especially since so many fall apart by the second week of January. Who doesn’t want to lose weight, be more organized and spend more time with their family?

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Live Long… and Prosper

When you look into your children’s eyes, you want to be sure, with some degree of certainty, that you are doing everything you can to keep them healthy—and safe. And, yet, with the state of our health care today, that is becoming more and more difficult.

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